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January 2018
Redesign Of The Website

To make the website compatible with mobile terminals it was redesigned: A new gallery was installed and the Catalogue Raisonné can now be searched. Thank you to, and to provide the programming for the gallerys respectively the search engine.

Sketchbooks of Hugo Lederer as a new research object

In April 2017 we were allowed to look through the sketchbooks of Hugo Lederer at the museum of Znaim. To look back on and reappraise them will take a long time. By an unprompted run-through it stood out that he sketched a great number of athletic activities but also studied a female nude. Who says now "he couldn't do female works"? As an example we add two sketches:

Short report from the Hugo Lederer exhibition in Retz

In Retz we visited the Hugo Lederer exhibition. There he was singled out as a representative of Germans in respectively from Südmähren. For lack of resources his attitude towards his homeland is not completely elutable. To my knowledge he visited only for family celebrations. (He was godfather and witness to marriage to my mother.) In Retz the museum succeed in a brilliant presentation of his art by exhibiting two shortened large-scale sculptures (Fechter and Diana) with a few other works. When you were alone in the room, you couldn't escape from his marvellous impact.

In memory of Hugo Lederer

At 6.9.2011 a memorial plaque was installed at the birthplace of Hugo Lederer by the urban beautification society of Znaim/Znojmo:

Paper article by Dr. Hans Krey discovered

At the hands of Mr. Harald Hofreiter, Retz Lower Austria, a very interested contributor, we received a transcript of a edition of the paper "Deutsch mähr. schles. Heimat." (German Moravian-Silesian home), Brünn volume 1930. An article by Dr. Hans Krey covered the creative work of Hugo Lederer. It also included a photograph of the Gustav-Stresemann-bust (see Small Sculptures and Portaits 4.1927.03.). We will add it to the gallery.
At the basis of this article a new piece was written: How much of a "South-Moravian" was Hugo Lederer? It is available on the German version of the website.