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Welcome to hugo-lederer.de,
this website delivers an insight into life and work of the artist Hugo Lederer. Because of the great amount of information this website has been divided in five menus - besides the homepage:
  • The menu About Us, that includes reasons and motives creating this Homepage, which is also characterized in a very familiar way.
  • The Vita shows so far known facts, connected with pictures of his life and single works.
  • The Catalogue Raisonné lists all works by Hugo Lederer known by us at this date.
  • In the rubric Today's view there is published the recent knowledge. In the submenu Recent you can find noteworthy stories and information sorted by year and month and the submenu Problems lights some before uncertain subjects. Moreover there are published texts about controversial subjects in the submenu To Discuss.
    Please note that we are currently working on the translation of this rubric. It will be uploaded as soon as possible.
  • For ideas and constructive criticism you can always get in touch with us via ledererpreisz@hugo-lederer.de.
Hugo Lederer, ca. 1890